Multipage forms

With Sitefinity CMS, you can create forms with multiple pages to break up long forms or surveys. You can also add a navigation bar to let users know how long the form is and how close they are to completion. Users can navigate between the consecutive pages of the form.

PREREQUISITES: Multipage forms are MVC forms. When creating a form, you must choose MVC only mode.

You break up long forms using the Page break widget and add navigation with the Form navigation widget. You can group your questions according to your requirements by logical sections, number of questions per page, content, fields, types, and so on. Thus, the form looks neater, easier to fill out, and fits the screen.

At the end of each page, the Page break widget automatically includes a Next button and a Submit button on the last form page. You can also enable the Previous step option, so that users can navigate freely between form pages.

Multipage forms are client-side functionality. The form is rendered on the client and a client-side script initializes the form pages. Thus, before the event of submitting the form, all form logic is completed on the client side only. As a result, any changes to the form are not saved unless the user submits the form.

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