Going live checklist

After you finished setup, make sure you complete the following checklist before you go live with your online store:
  1. Install an SSL certificate for the website.
  2. Configure checkout and receipt page in SSL mode.
  3. Configure MyAccount and MyAccountDetails pages in SSL mode.
  4. Login and registration pages must be in SSL mode
  5. Put the payment processor in live mode.
  6. Test shipping options (FedEx, UPS).
  7. Test credit card transaction.
  8. Test placing an order, check tax, subtotal, totals.
  9. Confirm order is placed.
  10. Reset order number.
  11. Verify MyAccount.
  12. Clear out dummy records and test orders.
  13. Make sure you have a privacy policy and Terms & Conditions.
  14. Configure Google Analytics and Google conversion tracking widget.
  15. It is recommended to perform ScanAlert for PCI compliancy.
  16. Test email to customer and to merchant.
  17. Make sure you have contacts of the merchant, including phone number.
  18. Make sure Sitefinity CMS backend is in SSL mode.

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