Address field is a field for dynamic content types created using Module Builder tool. It holds information about real world locations using Google Maps v3 API. This article aims to describe how to use that field in code.

Use the following sample to create an item with address field:

Use the following code sample to edit an item with address field:

The above examples are using address field with form and map which is considered the full version of the field. To take advantage of the other two types of address fields do the following:

  • For form only address field Longitude and Latitude properties are not involved in field initialization and can be left with their default values.
  • For map only address field Longitude and Latitude are the only required properties to show a point on a map. If values for the other properties (like City and Country) are set they won’t affect field initialization.

Country codes are set by the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard. State property should be set only when the country is United States or Canada. It is 2 letters code which can be obtained from Wikipedia. Here are links for US states codes and Canada state codes.

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