Add a new user control to page

The following example adds a new user control you created to a specified page:

First, you initialize the PageManager. Then, you get the page node using GetPageNodes and filtering based on Id. You create the page draft by calling EditPage. You create the control draft using the CreateControl<PageDraftControl> method and specifying the placeholder. You add all control properties from the dictionary by wrapping them in ControlProperty object. To duplicate the control in the UI, you must add the ID property. You set the caption and find the sibling control Id by calling GetLastControlInPlaceHolderInPageId and specifying the temp draft and placeholder. You set the default permissions by calling SetControlDefaultPermissions. Then, you add the control to the temp draft and call CheckIn to get the master. Finally, to publish the news item in live state, you call the MessageWorkflow method of the WorkflowManager class and pass the required parameters.

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