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To apply a filter to items that come from SharePoint to Sitefinity CMS, perform the following:

  1. Click Administration » Settings » Advanced » SharepointConnector » <your site name> » List mappings » <your list mapping name> » SharePoint filter.
    Under SharePoint filter, you can create as many filter conditions, as needed, and connect them with a logical operator. The logical operator must be AND or OR. For example, you can create one filter condition – Country equals USA, and another logical condition Country equals UK. These filter conditions are linked with the logical operation that you enter in SharePoint filter.
  2. To create a filter condition, under SharePoint filter, click Filter conditions » Create new.
    Fill out the following properties:
    • In Field name, enter the name of the SharePoint list’s column.
      For example, column Country.
    • In Comparison operator, enter == for equal or != for not equal.
    • In Field value, enter the filter value.
      For example, enter Canada.
    • In Default filter field value, enter one of the following:
      • If your comparison operator is ==, enter the same value that you have entered in Field value field.
      • If your logical operator is !=, enter a value that is different from the value, you have entered in Field value field.
      • This field is required, in cases of two-way synchronizations. 

        For example, if you have set a SharePoint filter Country == Canada, all items in SharePoint that have their Country equal to Canada are synchronized in Sitefinity CMS. However, if you create an item in Sitefinity CMS and leave its country field empty, this item will be automatically assigned the default value Canada. This way, when the item is synced from Sitefinity CMS to SharePoint, it will be again synced back to Sitefinity CMS. If the item is not assigned a default value and its country field remains empty, it will be synched to SharePoint with empty Country field and when it is modified in SharePoint, it cannot be synced back to Sitefinity CMS, because it does not meet the filter conditions – Country == Canada.

  3. Leave Field type full name empty.
  4. Click Save changes.

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