Configure email notifications for pending orders

In some cases, orders can end up with status Pending, meaning that they need to be reviewed manually. To make it easier to handle such orders quickly, you have the option to enable automatic email notifications, in which you receive all new orders with status Pending for a specified time period. Emails use the Default notification profile and go to the email that is configured there. For more information, see Administration: Configure notification profiles

By default, if you have configured the Sitefinity CMS email settings, the Ecommerce module will send notifications using the default notification profile. For more information about configuring Sitefinity email settings, see Administration: Configure email settings.

If you want to explicitly specify a notification profile for the Ecommerce module, follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, click Administration » Settings » Advanced.
  2. In the treeview on the left, click Ecommerce » Notifications 
  3. In the SenderProfile textbox type the name of the notification profile you want to be used to send emails for the Ecommerce module. If you do not fill in a name explicitly, the default notification profile is used. For more information about Sitefinity CMS notification profiles, see Administration: Configure notification profiles

    NOTE: If you have created your website with Sitefinity CMS version 11.2 or older, the Ecommerce module in these versions used the legacy system SMTP settings. In Sitefinity CMS versions 12.0 and later all system modules use Notification service instead. To preserve working email functionality, after upgrading to Sitefinity CMS version 12.0 or later, a dedicated Notifications profile, named SystemConfigSmtpSettingsMigrated has been automatically created for you. The profile uses the same values as the legacy system SMTP settings and is configured by default for all modules, that were using the system SMTP settings in older versions.

  4. Click Save changes

To setup email notification for pending orders:

  1. Navigate to Ecommerce » Store settings.
  2. Under General, in the Advanced section, select the Send email notification for pending orders checkbox.
  3. Select the frequency in which email notifications for pending orders are sent:
    • Hourly – the email notification is sent every hour. The first notification is sent exactly one hour after the service is enabled.
    • Daily – the email notification is sent once a day at a specific time.
    • Weekly – the email notification is sent once a week, on a specific day at a specific time.
    NOTE: Email notifications are only sent if there are new pending orders in the specified time period.

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