Create translatable custom widgets

By default, the Translations module has one translatable widget - the Content block widget. You can add your own custom widgets to the Translations module.

To do this, perform the following:

  1. Create new custom widget and register it in toolbox 
    For more information, see Register a new widget in the backend.
  2. Click Administration » Settings » Advanced » Translations » Strategies.
  3. In the Create new dropdown box, select ControlTypeTranlsationsSettings.
  4. In ItemType input field, enter оne of the following:
    1. The fully qualified type name of the widget.
      For example, enter SitefinityWebApp.MyFolder.MyTranslatableCustomWidget, SitefinityWebApp
    2. The virtual URL of the widget.
      For example, enter ~/MyFolder/ MyTranslatableCustomWidget.ascx
  5. Click Save changes. 
  6. Configure which fields you want to translate, using procedure Translatable fields.

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