Change the application status page relative URL

When you request a page of your Sitefinity application during the initialization or the upgrade stage of the application, you get redirected (302) to the application status page URL. Its default value is ~/sitefinity/status.
You can customize the default value in the following way:

  1. Open your application web.config file.
  2. Inside section <configuration><appSettings>, add key sf:appStatusUrl with its value.

    EXAMPLE: <add key="sf:appStatusUrl" value="/my-company/status" /> 

  3. Save and close the web.config file.

IMPORTANT: If you use named route, you must use an unique URL to make sure there is no overlapping with any Sitefinity CMS system URLs. For example, use, but not only

NOTE: If you want to remove the /sitefinity route altogether and leave the URL to be, set the route value to value="/".

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