SiteSync advanced settings

With SiteSync, you can promote Sitefinity CMS settings. Additionally, by navigating to Administration » Settings » Advanced » SiteSync, you can turn on or off the synchronization of a number of site-specific settings, so that they are not visible as options to select on the SiteSync screen.

IMPORTANT: You have the option to promote system configurations as well but we do not recommend doing this, especially in continuous delivery scenarios. For more information, see Best practices for SiteSync.

The following table lists the options you can enable or disable for promoting site-specific settings. 

NOTE: Upon changing any setting/configuration listed below, you have to restart your Sitefinity CMS application.



Enable users and roles synchronization

Synchronize the assignment of users and roles. By default, this option is enabled in single to multisite migration mode.

Enable basic and advanced settings synchronization

Promote both basic and advanced settings. This option works optimally with configuration storage modes FileSystem or Database. Config storage mode Auto is also supported when you are not using Continuous delivery.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend that when working in CD mode, you do not enable this option. Since this option overrides the configurations on the destination environment, we recommend that you handle config changes via config transformations and deployment.

Enable search indexes synchronization

Promote the search index definition and run a reindex operation on the destination environment to generate the search index files for your content.

Enable labels and messages synchronization

Synchronize interface labels and messages.

Disable permissions synchronization

Specify whether permissions are skipped when promoting content items to the destination environment. By default, content items are promoted with their respective permissions.

Excluded configs


You can include and exclude configuration from the sync procedure. To do this, navigate to Administration » Settings » Advanced » SiteSync » Excluded configs. By default, if you have turned on settings sync, the following configs are excluded from the synchronization:

  • dataConfig
  • notificationsConfig
  • siteSyncConfig
  • systemConfig
  • securityConfig
  • sharepointConnectorConfig

These settings reflect the SiteSync screen, where, depending on your configuration, you will see additional items appear in the Settings section under the available content types:


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