Query issues

To find a specific issue, you can use the NewslettersManager.  The following code finds all issues per campaign with the specified rootCampaignId through the Native API.

Figure 1: GetIssues by rootCampaignId.

First, you initialize the NewslettersManager. Then, you call GetIssues method to retrieve all issues per campaign. You filter the issues based on the rootCampaignId property.

Another way is to use the other overload of the GetIssues method and filter by the instance of the root campaign. See here for For developers: Query campaigns. The following snippet find all issues per campaign using the campaign instance as a paramer:

Figure 2: Get issues by rootCampaign instance.

Via NewslettersManager you can also retrieve the latest issue of a campaign. Use the GetLatestIssue as shown in the example below:

Figure 3: Get latest issue for campaign.

NOTE: If no campaign with the specified ID exists, the GetIssues method throwsTelerik.Sitefinity.SitefinityExceptions.ItemNotFoundException exception.

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