Extension methods

Extension methods which extend Sitefinity CMS type "Calendar“ with helper methods.

  • GetEvents() – gets all events in a certain calendar

  • In the example above we are creating a Calendar via the CreateCalendar method of EventsManager. See For developers: Calendars article for more information. Then we are getting the created calendar item and retrieving all events that are related to it via the GetEvents method. 

  • GetOccurrences() – gets all occurrences of an event

  • This example creates new event with specified Title, Description, Content, EventStart, EventEnd, Location and IsRecurrent properties. If the event is recurrent (IsRecurrent property is set to "true') - you can get all the occurrences via the GetOccurrences method.

  • GetOccurrences(this Event eventItem, DateTime? dateTime, DateTime? endDate ) – gets all occurrences of an event for the specified period of time

This is another overload of the GetOccurrences method where you can specify the start and end interval in which you'll find all of the occurrences per event.

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