Create page templates

To create a page template you can use the Native API or the Fluent API.
When creating a page template, you must perform the following: 

  1. Set the required properties.

  • Title
  • Name
  • Description

    You can also set any other properties in this step: Theme, MasterPage, ParentTemplate etc. 

See the sample below:

Page templates could be based on other page templates by setting the ParentTemplate property. In the sample above the created page template is based on "Right Sidebar, Header, Footer" Template. 

Also you can create different types of pageTemplates - MVC, WebForms or Hybrid according to the types of widgets that are supported. This is controlled by the Framework property and the PageTemplateFramework enum. 

Hybrid - page template supports widgets based on MVC and Web Forms
Mvc - page template supports only widgets based on MVC
WebForms- page template supports only widgets based on Web Forms

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