Create customer addresses

To create a customer address, you have to perform the following:

  1. Get the orders managers:
    Get an instance of the OrdersManager object.
  2. Get the customer.
    Get the specified customer. For more information, see Querying customers.
  3. Create a new customer address.
    Create a new instance of the CustomerAddress class by calling the CreateCustomerAddress method of the orders manager.
  4. Specify the details of the address.
    Set the properties of the CustomerAddress instance.
  5. Associate the customer with the customer address.
    To associate the customer with the customer address, set the Parent property of the CustomerAddress instance to the instance of the customer, and add the customer address to the Addresses collection property of the Customer instance.
  6. Save the changes.
    Save the changes to the manager.

Use the following code sample:

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