Determine the storage mode of configurations

To determine where the configurations of Sitefinity CMS are stored, perform the following:

  1. Open the web.config
  2. Find section <telerik>.
  3. Inside section <sitefinity> you can have one of the following lines:
    • If your configurations are stored in Auto-storage mode:
      <sitefinityConfig storageMode="Auto" />
    • If your configurations are stored in FileSystem storage mode:
      <sitefinityConfig storageMode="FileSystem" />
    • If your configurations are stored in Database storage mode:
      <sitefinityConfig storageMode="Database" /> 

NOTE: If you are in Auto-storage mode and you have Read-only mode turned on, the line will look in the following way: <sitefinityConfig storageMode="Auto" restrictionLevel="ReadOnlyConfigFile" />

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