Customize your dashboard

The Dashboard widgets group contains widgets that can be used only on the Dashboard. You cannot use these widgets on frontend pages.
For more information, see Dashboard and navigation.

The following widgets are part of the Dashboard widget group:
  • Analytics Timeline
    Use this widget to display a summary of an analytics metric or a comparison between two metrics.
  • Recent items
    Use this widget to display recently modified items and pages, filtered by owner, status, or content type.
  • System status
  • Use this widget to provide website administrators with a central hub for monitoring the status of key system components and receive email notifications about system errors
  • Sitefinity CMS welcome
    Use this widget to display useful links to video tutorials and getting started documentation.
  • Configure Dashboard widgets
    Use this widget to give backend users the opportunity to customize the Dashboard.

NOTE: By default, Sitefinity CMS welcome and Configure Dashboard widgets widgets are disabled and are not visible in the toolbox. If you delete one of these widgets and want to add it again, you must first enable it in Sitefinity CMS toolbox. For more information, see Register a new widget in Sitefinity CMS toolbox » Enabling and disabling a widget.

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