Improve availability of media content by using CDN

In case your website has a lot of static files such as images, style sheets or JavaScript pages, you can make sure they are downloaded as fast as possible on client side by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The goal of a CDN is to improve the user experience by providing better performance and greater availability for delivering images, videos, and documents. As a result, media content is served faster to the end user, while reducing the requests in the HTTP queue of the web server and the traffic load on your web server(s).

For more information about the benefits of using CDN to improve performance and how to configure CDN storage, see Use CDN storage for content libraries.

NOTE: If you are using KendoUI scripts on the frontend, there is a considerable lag in loading the website. To speed up the loading time of KendoUI scripts, load them using CDN. You can enable this option by navigating to Advanced settings » Pages » Script Manager » Enable CDN.

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