Get all media content items in a folder

The following example demonstrates how to get the ancestor items under specified folder:

In the code above, you:
  1. Create an album via the CreateAlbum method of LibrariesManager through the Native API. For more information, see For developers: Create image libraries.
  2. Create a folder under the album via the CreateFolder method and the album as a parameter. For more information, see For developers: Create folders inside libraries.
  3. Create an image under the folder through the native API. For more information, see For developers: Create images.
  4. Create another folder and change the parent of the image to be the newly created folder. You do this via the ChangeItemFolder method of the LibrariesManager. It requires the image and the new folder as a parameters.
  5. Get all ancestor items under the album via the GetDescendants method. This method requires the folder as a parameter and returns a collection of all ancestors under it.

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