CSS classes: Orders list and Order invoice widgets

Following is the list of CSS classes applied to Orders list and Order invoice widget:
CSS class name  Class set to  Default HTML tag 
sfordersListWrp  Wrapper of orders list in master mode  <div> 
sforderDetailsWrp  Wrapper of order details in details mode  <div> 
sfprintInvoiceWrp  Wrapper of order details in order invoice mode  <div> 
sfordersListTitle  Orders list title in master mode  <h1> 
sforderDetailTitle  Order details title in details mode  <h1> 
sfordersListCount  Wrapper of number of orders  <div> 
sfordersList  Orders list wrapper in master mode  <ul> 
sfordersListItem  Single order wrapper in master mode  <li> 
sfordersListItemIn  Single order wrapper in master mode  <div> 
sforderDetails  Order details wrapper in details mode  <div> 
sforderDetailsIn  Order details wrapper in details mode  <div> 
sforderBriefInfoWrp  Wrapper of order summary  <div> 
sforderOrderedOn  Wrapper of order date  <div> 
sforderOrderedOnLbl  Ordered on label  <span> 
sforderBtnskWrp  Wrapper of View order details and Print invoice links  <div> 
sforderDetailsLnk  View order details link  <a> 
sfPrint  Print invoice link  <a> 
sforderBriefInfoList  Order brief summary list  <ul> 
sforderNumber  Order number  <li> 
sforderInfoFieldName  Order info field  <span> 
sforderInfoFieldValue  Order info value  <span>, <strong> 
sfordersListDetailView  Wrapper if order details  <div> 
sfordersListOrderStatusWrp  Wrapper of order status  <div> 
sfordersListOrderStatus  Order status  <strong> 
sfprintInvoiceTitle  Ordered products title in order invoice mode  <h2> 
sfItmTmbCol  Thumbnail column  <td> 
sfItmTitleCol  Product name column  <td> 
sfItmTitle  Product name  <a> 
sfItmSku  Product SKU  <div> 
sfItmOptionsCol  Product options column  <td> 
sfItmQuantityCol  Ordered quantity column  <td> 
sfPrintBtn  Print invoice button  <input> 

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