Create product variations

To create a product variation, do the following:
  1. Click Ecommerce » Products.
  2. On a product's line, click either the Edit variation link, or its Actions choice to Edit: Variations.
    The Product variations page opens.
  3. Click Create variations.
    The Create a variation page opens.
  4. Under Attributes section, for each attribute, select the value for this variation. If the variation does not vary according to an attribute, do not select anything in the dropdown box.

    EXAMPLE: You have created attributes Color, Size, and Gender, so they all show when you create a product variation. If you have a unisex t-shirt, which varies only by color and size, select values only for the color and the size and leave the gender dropdown not selected.

  5. If there is a difference in the price of this particular variation of the product, enter the difference, in Additional charge input field.
  6. Enter the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of that particular variation.

    EXAMPLE: You enter the SKU for a hat in size XL.  Now you can keep track of the inventory count of  XL hats.

  7. If you chose to track the stock of the product by variations, the Inventory section is shown. (See Create products, Step 13 for details on setting up tracking in a product.)
    1. Select Track inventory for this variation. The options for inventory expand.
    2. In the Quantity field, enter the total count of this variation.
    3. Choose what to do when the variation is out of stock:
      • To drop the variation from the products list, clear Display the variation.
      • To display the variation, and prevent it from being added to a shopping cart, select Display the variation checkbox and clear the Allow orders even if not available option.
      • To display the variation, and let it be added to a shopping cart, select Display the variation and select Allow orders even if not available.
  8. You can add an image specific to this variation in the Images section where you can choose one or more files to upload. For more information, see Product images.
  9. Click Create this variation.

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