Change the identifier of a content type

Once you create a content type, you can edit, reorder it, or delete it.
For more information, see Edit dynamic content types and their hierarchy

If you want to change the identifier of a content type, you need to also edit the grid that displays the content type items. The identifier is used to list the content items in the grid. Under the identifier, you also have the link to create child content type items.

EXAMPLE: You have a content type, named Authors. The identifier of this content type would most conveniently be the author’s name. Thus, in the Authors’ grid, Sitefinity CMS lists all created authors by their name. If Authors has a child content type – Books, then below the name of each author in the grid, Sitefinity CMS displays a link to create books from this author. If you decide to change the Authors’ identifier, for example, to be an ID number, then you must also add the ID column to the grid. Otherwise, you will not see the new identifier in the grid and you will not be displayed the link to create books.

When you change the identifier of a content type, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to Administration » Module builder.
  2. Click the module, which the content type belongs to.
  3. Click Backend screen tweaks.
  4. Under Listing parents, click Add/Remove columns in the table (grid).
  5. From the right pane, drag the new identifier and drop it in the desired place under Existing columns.
  6. Save your changes.

RECOMMENDATION: If you plan to change the identifier of a content type, make sure all content items have value for the new identifier. The identifier must be a required field, but, if you want to use a new field for identifier, we recommend to first add the new field to the content type, then fill out the field for each content item, and, finally, make the new field the content type identifier.

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