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PREREQUISITES: You must have Multisite license. For more information, contact

When working in a multisite environment, you can share one form in more than one site. You can create the form on any of the sites and share it on the others. Any changes that you make to the form are visible on every site where the form is shared.

When you share a form, you have the option to set the confirmation message for each form individually, regardless of whether it is duplicated or shared. One and the same form can have different confirmations when used with different widgets. You set this using the Form widget.

To share a form:

  1. Click Content » Forms.
  2. Click the Actions link of the form that you want to share and click Share with…
    A list of all sites available in your multisite instance appears.
  3. Select the sites where you want the form to be visible and click Done.

NOTE: If you deselect all the sites where a form is visible, you can still see the form on the Forms page by clicking Not shared with any site filter in the right pane of the page.

For more information about duplicating a form within a site, see Duplicate forms.

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