Set a page as a homapage

On Pages page, the homepage of your website is represented by icon.
For example, .

To set a home page, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the navigation, click Pages.
    The pages management screen opens.
  2. Click Settings for pages button Settings
  3. Click the Set homepage.
  4. In the pages selector, select the page you want to set as homepage.
  5. To save your selection, click Use selected button.

The system sets the page as the website’s homepage and displays the icon above.

NOTE: If you do not explicitly set a page as homepage, the first page you have created is automatically set as your homepage. You cannot set a group page as a homepage.

IMPORTANT: You cannot delete the page set as homepage, unless it is the last page in the sitemap. To delete this page, set another page as homepage.

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