New content editing experience and the classic interface

The following table summarizes the points of difference between the reinvented content editing experience and the classic mode.

NOTE: When you edit content in the new interface and you need to work with a specific content type, not yet supported in the new interface, the system automatically falls back to the classic interface. Thus, your work continues seamlessly and without interruption.

Area Details New interface Classic interface
Supported content types 
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Lists
  • Events
  • Dynamic modules
check check
Forms, Images, Videos, Documents, Classifications check
Supported operations Create, edit, and delete content items check check
Duplicate content items check check
Publish and unpublish content items check check
Scheduling content items check check
Approval workflow check check
Move to Recycle bin check check
Send/mark for translation support  check check
Improved reorder of list items in the List module  check   
Bulk operations improvements  check   
Languages Multilingual support of content items check check
Backend languages and labels    check 
List of content items
List of flat and hierarchical content items check check
Filter by tags and categories check check
Filter by status check check
Filter by author check  
Filter by date modified  check   
Sorting check check
Sources check check
Search by title check check
Analytics support check check
Content attribution metrics check 
Additional settings check  check 
“Load more" for listing items check
Expandable sidebar with filters and sorting check
Edit content items Quick sidebar navigation to sibling items check
Preview of content item check check
Permission-based content editing check check
Smart lock of content items upon modification check
URL per content item in Edit mode check
Additional URLs for Dynamic modules  check   
Compare translations check  check 
Simultaneous editing of multilingual content items check
Content location: Items linking to current item; Pages displaying current item check
Related data and Related media fields: work with related content items from multiple sources check
Improvements and changes in content fields

Rich text editor improvements:

  • Large editable space
  • Embed media:  Twitter, YouTube and other iframe providers
  • Automatic realignment right-to-left for the relevant cultures
  • Contextual toolset for link editing
  • Contextual toolset for image editing
  • Contextual toolset for embedding media
  • Custom size of image properties
  • Table wizard
  • Insert links to content or page from the CMS
  • Enhanced HTML code editor

Related data field improvements:

  • Suggest-as-you-type selector for related content items, with hints for recently used ones
  • Infinite scroll in selector for related content items
  • Filter as your type in selector for related items
  • Drag and drop reorder

Related media field improvements:

  • Improved image selector
  • Responsive view for image selection
  • Suggest-as-you-type selector for related media, with hints for recently used ones
  • Infinite scroll in selector for related media
  • Filter as you type in selector for related media
  • Drag and drop reorder

Classifications improvements:

  • Suggest-as-you-type selector for classification items, with hints for recently used ones
  • Infinite scroll in selector for classification items
  • Filter as you type in selector for classification items

Date and time field improvements:

  • Enhanced date and time pickers
Address field  check  check 
Related fields created in Sitefinity CMS 7.0 and older versions check
Revision history Access and retrieve versions of content items check check

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