Diagnostics Insight

The Diagnostics Insights page helps you connect data with meaning by analyzing the data, accumulated by the profilers and providing you with insights how to tune your site's performance.

On the Insights page, you see suggestions that are calculated based on analysis of the data logged in the Diagnostics module and depends on your settings and the current site usage.

The suggestion engine analyzes data to determine the following:

  • If the same background tasks are executed multiple times for a module that you do not use actively, or pages have been compiled multiple times, you can expand the insight group to list the pages that exhibited that behavior to determine whether to precompile each of these pages.
  • If some pages are executing frequently, you can provide thеsе pages with a cache profile of longer duration.
  • If your system’s memory and resources are being used up by the Translation module and your site’s content is not translated, you can deactivate the module.


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