Demo translation connector

You may want to create a demo connector that does not actually sends the items for translation. Its purpose is to demonstrate the behaviors of the translation connectors in the context of Sitefinity CMS and to walk you to through the translation workflow.

Perform the following:

  1. Click Administration » Settings » Advanced » Translations » Connectors.
  2. Click Create new.
  3. In Name, enter a name for the connector
    For example, enter DemoConnector
  4. In Title, enter the title that will appear in the UI.
    For example, Demo connector
  5. In ConnectorType, enter Telerik.Sitefinity.Translations.DummyTranslationConnector
  6. Leave Supported languages blank.
  7. Select Strip HTML tags, if you want to remove all HTML tags and send for translation text only.
    EXAMPLE: If you have the following paragraph that you want to send for translation:

    <p>This is just a test paragraph with a <a href="#">link</a>,
    a <strong>strong</strong> tag and nothing else.</p>

    • If you have the checkbox selected, which is the default behavior, the following will be sent:
    • If you have the checkbox deselected, the following will be sent:
  8. Save your changes.

RESULT: The connector appears as an option in the dropdown list of connectors when you are sending items for translation.

NOTE: This demo connector does not translate the content. It only adds the target language code as a suffix to the original content.

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