Apply a widget template created with the widget templates editor

To apply a template to a widget, perform the following:

  1. Go to Sitefinity’s backend (http://<yoursite>/sitefinity)
  2. Click Pages.
  3. Click the page that you want to edit.
  4. Add the widget to your page and open it for editing.
    For more information about adding and configuring widgets, see Built-in widgets.
  5. Each widget has a dropdown box where you can select the template that applies to the widget.
    For example, in the News widget, you can select how to display the list of news on List Settings tab, in the List template box.
  6. Click Save.
    The editing mode of the widget closes.
  7. To save the changes to the page, click Publish.

The widget, which you have added to the page, is using the template that you have selected.

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