Upload videos

  1. If you have multiple sites, use the dropdown menu in the upper left of the page to select the site where you want to upload video files. For more on multiple sites, see Multisite: Manage multiple sites.
  2. On the main menu, choose Content » Videos.
  3. When you are using multiple languages, choose the language in which you want to upload the video files from the dropdown Languages list in the right panel.
    NOTE: You might not see the language list when creating your very first entry, yet it will be available thereafter. For more information about languages, see Administration: Language settings.
  4. Click Upload videos.
    The Upload videos page opens.
  5. Either drag the files you want to upload to the page, or click Select videos from your computer to locate the files, and then click Open. You can select more than one video.
    The name of the video and its size are displayed in Upload videos page.
  6. To upload more videos, click Add more videos.
  7. In Where to store uploaded videos?, select the library, where you want to store the videos, by clicking Change.
    A tree listing of all available libraries enables you to choose the appropriate library. Click Done.
    If you have not created any libraries, you can only choose Default Library.
    To create a video library:
    1. Click Create a new library.
    2. Enter the name of the library and click Create this library
    3. Enter a description of the library.
    4. Choose whether to accept or change the URL.
    5. Decide whether this library should be a sub-library under another existing library.
    6. Adjust the Root library settings as appropriate for this library.
    For more information about creating libraries, see video libraries.
  8. Expand Categories and tags to set classification data for the videos in this upload. See Add categories and tags to content items for details.
  9. Click Upload and Publish. You could also choose Upload and Save as Draft, or Go back (and drop this set of uploads.) See Workflow statuses for more information.
  10. When upload is finished, choose between the following:
    • View all items - Returns to the Documents and Files page.
    • Upload more videos - To perform a new set of uploads.

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