Synchronize via the API

Use the SiteSync fluent API to invoke sync operations programmatically.

  1. Get the base SiteSync facade.
    This requires the following using statement: using Telerik.Sitefinity.SiteSync;

    Then, get the facade: App.WorkWith().SiteSync()

  2. Select the target server.
    • If you have only one target, use .SelectDefaultTarget() 
    • If you have multiple targets, specify it by calling .SelectTarget("http://targetserver") 
  3. If you want to sync data from selected sites only, filter by sites:
    .SetSites("site1", "site2", ...) 
  4. Execute the sync operation:
    • For selected types use .Sync(typeof(NewsItem).FullName, ...) 
    • For a specific item and a a specific culture use
      .Sync(newsItem, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture)
  5. Schedule a sync operation use
    .ScheduleSync(“30 15 5 3 * 2015”, typeof(NewsItem).FullName, …)

    NOTE: Use Cron format to specify the scheduled time. For more information, see Cron Format.

EXAMPLE: The following code is an example that syncs all news items from Site1:

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