Edit the .nuspec file

After Sitefinity CMS automatically creates the .nuspec file, you should manually edit it to prepare it for NuGet package generation.

  1. Open the .nuspec file and add the following metadata:
    • ID of the add-on
      When you export structure and data from Sitefinity CMS, the ID of the package must match the target folder for the addon files in the package.
      For more information about the recommended way to create your package ID, see MSDN » Choose a unique package identifier and setting the version number.

      EXAMPLE: If the ID of the package is ExampleCorporation.MyAddon, the target set in the .nuspec file for the folder, which contains the files exported from Sitefinity CMS, must be content\App_Data\Sitefinity\AddOns\ExampleCorporation.MyAddon

    • Authors of the add-on
    • Owners of the add-on
    • Description of the add-on
    • Version of the add-on
    • Any other metadata that you require
  2. List any dependencies of the add-on.
    For more information, see Manage add-on dependencies.
  3. Include all custom functionality (custom DLLs and other files) that you want to distribute.
    You do this by referencing it in the .nuspec file.
    For more information, see Export custom functionality.
  4. Save and close the .nuspec file.

For more information about editing the .nuspec file, see Nuspec Reference.

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