Enable the custom personalization in your project

After you implement the Installer class, you need to reference the custom personalization in your project, so that you can use it in your site.

NOTE: Your Sitefinity CMS application must have an installed personalization module.

To enable the custom personalization:

  1. Build the DayOfWeekPersonalization project.
  2. Open your Sitefinity CMS application in Visual Studio.
  3. From the context menu of the Reference folder, select Add Reference...
  4. Browse to the folder of the custom personalization project.
  5. Select the DayOfWeekPersonalization.dll
  6. Build the Sitefinity CMS application and run it.

As a result, you can access the newly added custom personalization by navigating to Sitefinity's backend » Marketing » Personalization and creating a new user segment. You can find the newly added user segment characteristic Day of week, which is located under the Add a characteristic option.

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