Configure SharePoint connector settings

To configure advance settings of the SharePoint connector, perform the following:

  1. In the main menu, click Administration » Settings » Advanved » SharepointConnector.
  2. You can setup the following:
    • Master adapter
      In case of a conflict, when the same item is edited in both SharePoint and Sitefinity CMS, this setting determines which item’s version will be copied to the other side. This applies only to a two-way sync. 
      Enter SharePoint or Sitefinity.
    • Sync deleted items
      When selected, deleted item will be synchronized. In a one-way sync, items that do not exist in the source or have been deleted from the source will be deleted from the destination. In a two-way sync, items that have been deleted on either side will be deleted on the other side as well. For safety and security reasons, if you do not want the Sync process to delete any items, leave the checkbox unchecked.
    • Place deleted items in the Recycle Bin of a SharePoint site
      This applies only when Sync deleted items is selected. When Place deleted items in the Recycle Bin of a SharePoint site is selected, the connector for SharePoint moves items to SharePoint’s recycle bin instead of deleting them permanently when deleting items in SharePoint. If the SharePoint site is not set to use the recycle bin, the items will be deleted permanently, regardless of this setting.
    • Retry interval 
      There can be only one SharePoint list synchronizing at a given time. This setting determines how often the lists waiting to be synchronized must check, if another synchronization task is already running. The value is the interval in seconds.
  3. Click Save changes.

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