Override the default designer buttons

All widget designer views have the same footer of the designer window, where the Save and Cancel buttons are located. In this article, you learn how to put your own markup instead of the default dialog footer.

NOTE: When you override the buttons in one view, the footer uses the new markup until another view overrides it. The default markup is not restored when switching views.

The widget designer's module defines a directive, called section. Since the designer module is always loaded, this directive is also always present in your designer views.

To replace the default footer, add an attribute section="modal-footer" to the widget template's markup. As a result, the directive compiles the modified template and replaces the default footer. Use the following code:

The modified template is compiled in the context of the $scope of the current view's controller. The cancel()and save() functions are defined in the dialog controller's scope, which is the parent of the view's scope. Thus, you have the functions available in the view.

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