Install the Conferences add-on

PREREQUISITES: Telerik.Sitefinity.All NuGet package with version 9.2.6200 or higher must be installed on your project. If it is not installed, installing the NuGet package will install the latest available version of Telerik.Sitefinity.All package.

  1. Create an empty Sitefinity CMS project.
  2. On the file system, create a folder and place the conferences.nupkg file inside.
  3. Open the new project in Visual Studio and save the solution file.
  4. In the toolbar, navigate to TOOLS » Library Package Manager » Package Manager Settings » Package Sources.
  5. Add as Source the folder where you placed the conferences.nupkg file.
  6. Navigate to TOOLS » Library Package Manager » Package Manager Console.
  7. In Package source, choose the source that you have added.
  8. In the command line, enter Install-Package conferences
  9. Verify that all Sitefinity data is located in ~\App_Data\Sitefinity\Add-ons\Conferences.
  10. Verify that the MVC folder contains Filtered Sessions widget, model, and view.
  11. Build the project.
  12. Run Sitefinity CMS.
    Conferences, Speakers, and Sessions modules are imported automatically.
    Filtered Sessions widget is added to the toolbox automatically.
    Sample content items are not imported on system startup.
  13. Navigate to Administration » Add-ons.
  14. Select Conferences add-on.
  15. Click Activate for this site.
  16. Select Import sample content and pages and click Activate.
  17. Validate that the sample content items and pages have been added and sample pages display the widgets correctly.

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