Query a single news item

When querying the live version of a specific news item by the ID of its master version, you must perform the following:

  1. Get the item.
    Get an instance of the master version of the item that corresponds to the specified ID. 
  2. Get the live version.
    The instance that corresponds to the ID argument is the master version of the news item. You can get the live version explicitly.

    NOTE: You use the live version only to display the news on the frontend. If you want to edit the news item, you must use the master version. To transfer the changes to the live version, publish the master version.

  3. Return the item.

The following code examples query the live version of a news item by the ID of its master version:

Query news items with the Native API

First, you get an instance of the NewsManager class. You get the news item by querying all items and filtering the collection by the ID of the news item. If the item exists, you get its live version. If no live version exists, for example, the item is not published, you return null. Finally, you return the news item.

You can also use the following code to retrieve the news item:

NewsItem item = newsManager.GetNewsItem(newsId);

NOTE: When the item does not exist, the system throws an exception of type ItemNotFoundException.

Query news items with the Fluent API


First, you get the NewsItem singular facade of the master version with the specified ID. Then, to load the live version of the item, you call the GetLive method. Finally, you call the Get method to get the instance of the live version.

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