CSS classes: Comments widget

Following is the list of CSS classes applied to the Comments widget:

CSS class name Class set to Default HTML tag
sfcommentsTitle Title of comments list and comments form.  <h2> 
sfcommentsList Wrapper of comments list. <ol>
sfcommentDetails Wrapper of single comment.  <li>
sfcommentOfTheAuthor Wrapper of single comment, if the comment is submitted by the author of the article.  <li>
sfcommentNumber  Wrapper of consequent comment’s number. <span>
sfcommentAuthor Wrapper of comment’s author. <strong>
sfcommentDate Wrapper of comment’s date. <em>
sfcommentText Wrapper of comment’s content. <div>
sfcommentsFormWrp Outer wrapper of submit comment form. <div>
sfNeutral  Comment has to be approved message. <p>
sfcommentsForm Wrapper of submit comment form. <fieldset>
sfcommentsFieldsList Wrapper of list of fields of Add comment form. <ol>
sfcommentsField Wrapper of single form field. <li>
sfcommentEditor Wrapper of comment text field. <li>
sfEditorWrp Wrapper of Rad Editor used for comment text input. <div>
sfTxtLbl Label of comment meta info like name, email, website. <label>
sfFieldWrp Wrapper of comment text input of name, email and website. <div>
sfTxt Comment text input of name, email, and website. <input>
sfNote Wrapper of form label (for example, which fields are optional). <em>
sfError Wrapper of field error shown, if the input is empty or does not meet the requirements. <di>
sfcommentCaptcha Wrapper of CAPTCHA. <li>
sfcommentsSubmitBtnWrp Wrapper of submit comment button. <div>
sfcommentsSubmitBtn Submit comment button. <input>

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