AccordionNewsList widget: Implement the server-side functionality

After you implement the client-side functionality of the new user widget, you need to implement the code-behind and the logic of the widget.

To implement the required code, in your project, select the new user widget class. In this case, this is the AccrdionNewsList.ascx.cs class.  

EXAMPLE: For more information about the code-behind of the widget, see AccordionNewsList.ascx.cs in Sitefinity documentation-samples on GitHub.

In the code above, the Page_Load method uses the NewsManager to get all the news items that are with status Live and orders them by publishing date in a descending order. Then, the news items are passed to the repeater.

To add Javascript resources, you use the InitPage()method. The method gets the ScriptManager for the current page, and by using the method's Scripts property, you add a reference to the Javascript resources. Next, you use the PageManager to configure the new user widget to use Sitefinity’s built-in jQuery library.

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