Style your website with custom themes and templates

Sitefinity CMS comes with a set of built-in templates and one default Basic theme, which can be directly used in the pages you create. You can also create your own custom templates and themes and use them side by side with the default ones.

NOTE: This tutorial demonstrates how to style a website with pages that use Web Forms or hybrid page templates. For more information, see Overview: Page templates.

This tutorial guides you through the steps required to create a custom theme. You create a Green theme and a template for the sample Telerik Hospital site.

For more information about themes in Sitefinity CMS, see Overview: Themes.

NOTE: In this tutorial examples are given with Microsoft Visual Studio. You can use applications of your choice. For more information about preparing a project with Sitefinity CMS and the choice of application, see the Widgets: Add content and functionality to pages.

NOTE: To view the complete template that is subject of this tutorial, open the Sitefinity CMS samples project.

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