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Use the Search widget to add and configure a search box to a page. After you have created one or more search indexes, you use the Search widget to select indexes to be used for the search.

PREREQUISITES: You have created at least one search index. For more information, see Administration: Create search indexes.

To configure the Search widget, perform the following:

  1. After you have dragged the Search widget on your page, click Edit button in the upper-right corner of the widget.
    The Search window appears.
  2. In Where to search? dropdown box select the search index, which you want to use for this search box.
    The list contains all created search indexes.

    The search index is a predefined set of search content. For example, you can create a search index that contains all news. When a user enters a search word, it will be applied to all news items on your website.

  3. In Where to display search results? you must select the page where the search results will be displayed.
    You can select the same page, where the search box is located, or you can select a different page.

    To select a page, perform the following:

    1. Click Select a page… button.
    2. Form the list of pages that appears, select a page and click Done selecting.
      The page appears in Search window. If you want to change it, click Change… button.
    3. IMPORTANT: The page, where you choose to display the search results, must have the Search results widget widget added to it.
  4. Click Save.
    The Search window closes and the Search widget is configured to display the search box.

For more information about advanced configuration options, see Advanced configuration of widgets.

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