RadCaptcha in the Login widget: Map the custom Login widget in the backend

After you RadCaptcha in the Login widget: Implement the code of the custom Login widget, you must redirect Sitefinity CMS to use the newly created CustomLoginWidget. To do this, you need to map the widget in the backend:

  1. Navigate to Administration » Settings » Advanced » Controls » ViewMap and click Create new.
  2. In the HostType field, enter the following value:
    Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.PublicControls.LoginWidget, Telerik.Sitefinity
  3. In the LayoutTemplatePath, enter the path to the widget:

To test the newly created RadCaptcha widget:

  1. Drag and drop a Login widget to a page.
  2. Open the widget’s Edit mode.
  3. Set the ShowLostPasswordLink to True
  4. Set a value for ChangePasswordPageUrl.

Now you can create the change password page, place it in the Change password widget, and configure it. For more information, see Change password widget.

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