Security and authentication

Security is one of the most important non-functional features of each web application, or Sitefinity CMS application in particular. As a CMS, Sitefinity CMS implements security based on the ASP.NET model. The main goal behind this decision is that ASP.NET developers should feel comfortable when working with the Sitefinity CMS security API. This section of the Developers Guide is going to cover working with all aspects of the Sitefinity CMS Security API and provide information on how to integrate its different parts.

Each of the above subsections will be covered in detail in its own topics and subtopics, including a list of the API methods available for the particular security scenarios. For information on administrating security in Sitefinity CMS, please refer to Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) and Administration: Security and authentication in the Sitefinity CMS Installation and Administration Guide.

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