Custom widget for responsive images: Implement the code-behind of the ResponsiveImage widget designer

The designer class must inherit the ControlDesignerBase. This is the base class for all widget designers. In the ResponsiveImageDesigner class, by overriding the LayoutTemplatePath property, you specify the template you are using. You must add a reference to the ImageField control added in the markup. By overriding GetScriptReference and GetScriptResources, you provide a reference to the corresponding client-side component.

In Visual Studio, perform the following:

  1. In the context menu of folder Designer, click Add » Class...
  2. Name the class ResponsiveImageDesigner.cs
  3. Implement the code of the ResponsiveImageDesigner.cs file.

    EXAMPLE: For more information about the content of the file, see the ResponsiveImageDesigner.cs file of the downloaded sample project.

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