Configure the SharePoint connection

Sitefinity supports two authentication types for user authentication for SharePoint connections:

  • Claims-based authentication

  • Windows classic mode authentication

To configure the SharePoint connection, perform the following:

  1. On the Sitefinity CMS main menu, choose Administration » Connector for SharePoint. Click Add a SharePoint Site if this is your first connection; otherwise, click Add new site
  2. The Add SharePoint site page opens.
  3. In Site name field, enter a name for the connection.
  4. In URL / IP address field, enter the URL or the IP address of the SharePoint site.
  5. In Username and Password fields, enter your SharePoint site credentials.
  6. Click one of the following:
    • Continue to Setup Synchronization
      You must select the content to be synchronized and method of synchronization.
      Perform procedure Select the content to be synchronized.
    • Click Save and close.
      The SharePoint connection is created and saved, but no content is chosen for synchronization. The system returns you to SharePoint sites page.

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