Track a custom MVC Form widget

In this tutorial, you create an MVC Form widget for submitting a request for dinner menu. You want to track form submissions to send contact data to Sitefinity Insight. Depending on the specific of your scenario, you can do this by:

  • Tracking form submissions server-side
    You create a custom event handler, so that the Sitefinity Insight connector tracks forms submissions on your Sitefinity CMS site.
  • Tracking form submissions client-side
    You enable tracking by leveraging Sitefinity Insight JavaScript SDK, so that the connector sends the data as interactions to Sitefinity Insight every time a contact submits the form.

For more information, see:

PREREQUISITES: You configured the Sitefinity Insight connector. For more information, see Connect to Sitefinity Insight.

Create the custom MVC Form widget

  1. Create a new class library and name it CustomFormWidget.
  2. In the Mvc folder, create the following folders:
    • Controllers
    • Models
    • Views

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