After looking at conversion reports, you know what is going on and how conversion is changing in terms of rate and time period. Next, Sitefinity Insight provides you with actionable, or “next best experience”, recommendations to increase conversion rate among visitors.

Sitefinity Insight uses complex predictive algorithms, based on historical data for the conversion window, to provide you with information about the “next best”, or targeted, segment that you want to move your visitors to. The algorithms draw insight as to which exact combinations of visitor behaviors are likely to convert and also which components in those combinations have the biggest conversion rate uplift. What you get is a direct link between predictions and actions – a recommendation of what to do and what interaction should the visitors in this segment complete to get more of them to convert and increase conversion rate.

In essence, predictive recommendations provide you with:

  • Which conversion has the biggest potential increase in conversion rate
  • Which visitors are likely to move to the segment closer to conversion
  • Data-driven recommendations on the best next experience for the conversion's visitor segment
  • Predictions on optimizations that can have the biggest impact to increase conversion rate
  • Comparison between the current and potential increase in conversion rate

To see a list with all recommendations, open the Recommendations page. Click on a recommendation's +Details link to open its details page.

Recommendation details

Each recommendation consists of the following:

  • Details about the dynamic segment you need to target to increase conversion rate.
    For more information, see Visitors and segments.
  • Predictions of the potential increase in conversions for the conversion window:
    • Conversion rate
      You see a comparison between the current figure and the potential increase.
    • Conversions
      You see a comparison between the current figure and the potential increase.
    • Potential conversions increase for 30 days
      The potential number of visitors that will convert in the next 30 days.
  • Next best experience indicating the single activity (out of all possible interactions) that will raise the conversion probability the most for the particular segment. That is, how you can achieve an increase in conversions within this segment in the future, up to the predicted values in the previous section.
    For more information, see Visitors and segments.
  • Actions you can take:
    • To hide this recommendation from the list with visible recommendations, click No, don't show this recommendation again.
      For more information, see Hide recommendations.
    • To return to the list with recommendations, click Back to the list of recommendations.

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