Progress Sitefinity Insight uses SubjectMapping to associate all information transferred from a specific data source with the relevant contacts. When using this mapping, Progress Sitefinity Insight relates the sentences and the metadata to the proper contacts, regardless of the source system, from which they were extracted. Mapping data needs to contain:

  • ID of a contact in the data source
  • Name of this data source
  • ID of the same contact in another data source
  • Name of the other data source

Subject Mapping

NOTE: In the diagram above, you can substitute Salesforce with any other third-party system, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Eloqua, for example.

SubjectMapping data and mapping

Once a contact browses and interacts with your tracked sites for the first time, Progress Sitefinity Insight identifies this contact by a unique ID - a subject value, created and maintained by the JavaScript SDK. The subjects themselves are stored as browser cookies on the client side. Insight uses SubjectMapping data to group into a cluster the subject values, that belong to a single contact. For more information about the JavaScript SDK, see Capture client-side behavior with JavaScript SDK.

IMPORTANT: Sitefinity Insight uniquely identifies a contact by the combination subject and data source values. The data source name is a label you specify when you configure the Insight connector for Sitefinity CMS. Thus, the the subject and data source values:
  • Help you identify contacts and their interactions
  • Help Sitefinity Insight identify the origin of each piece of data

For more information, see Connect to Sitefinity Insight.

The SubjectMapping data originates from the logic in your application(s). The tracked application first detects when a contact has more than one subject and then makes the appropriate request to Insight. The request contains two subject values that belong to a single contact. In addition, the request contains the names of the respective data sources. After the request is sent, Insight maps the two subjects in a cluster, that is, groups them.


Once subjects are mapped, Sitefinity Insight treats all interactions that belong to a single cluster as a single contact and analyzes them accordingly. For more information, see Developer terminology.

NOTE: Sitefinity Insight maps subjects in the scope of a single data center.

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