What visitor activities do I track

Using Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, you track a number of visitor interactions on your website. These interactions include activities in the following categories:

Type Tracked activities
Pages  Visit page
Visit personalized page 


Download  document 
Forms  Submit form 
Forums  Create forum post
Create forum thread
Subscribe to a forum thread
Unsubscribe from a forum thread
Subscribe to a forum
Unsubscribe from a forum
Comments  Create comment 
Email campaigns  Subscribe to email campaign
Unsubscribe from email campaign 
Videos Play HTML5 video 
Social  Share on social media
Like on Facebook 
Lists  Expand list 
Navigation Toggle navigation 
Users  User registered
Uses activated account
User logged in
User mapping (map user with activities upon login)
User metadata
User profile metadata 
Browsers and device  Browser name
Browser version
Browser language
Device name
Device type
Device manufacturer 
Other  Come from site (referrer tracking)
Participated in campaign (UTM parameters) 

For more information about how user activities and data are tracked, see For developers: Track user activities in SItefinity

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