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Once a user account has been created, users receive an email invitation from the Sitefinity Cloud team. This email contains the user's login username, the Sitefinity Cloud account URL and further instructions how to proceed. Depending on whether your users have an Azure AD account or you have integrated your Active directory with Azure, they will have to go through the following process to complete their Sitefinity Cloud account provisioning:

  • Existing Azure AD or private AD synced with Azure AD - users receive an email invitation on their corporate emails. These users can sign in to Sitefinity Cloud with their own work identity.
  • Non-existing or private AD - users receive an invitation on their corporate emails. These users have to follow the instructions in the email to set their own passwords with Azure.
  • Social Email Addresses (Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) - These users can sign in to Sitefinity Cloud with their public identity by connecting their existing email accounts to Azure AD.

Login to the Management Portal

Upon successful account provisioning you will be able to login to the Sitefinity Cloud Management Portal with your account. The invitation email contains your organization's Sitefinity Cloud URL.

Once you login to your Sitefinity Cloud Management Portal, you are presented with your project Welcome page. This is the central hub for your project, containing useful information and shortcuts to important areas.
The Welcome page is visible by everyone who has access to your Sitefinity Cloud project Management Portal. It is based on Azure DevOps Wiki. You cannot customize the Welcome page itself, but you can add additional wiki pages that suit your project needs, add more useful shortcuts, or share information with other team members.

Login to your Sitefinity website

You can access your Sitefinity website on any environment using one of the domains that have been configured in the Domain management user interface. For your convenience, the main domains for all environments are listed on your Sitefinity Cloud wiki Welcome page.

To login to your Sitefinity website backend in Sitefinity Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the website backend URL, for example www.yoursebsitedomain.com/Sitefinity
  2. On the backend login form, use the Sitefinity Cloud (via Azure B2B) option.
  3. You are automatically redirected to Microsoft Azure to complete your login.

Login to Azure Portal

Sitefinity Cloud provides a seamless single sign-on (SSO) experience between all components of the solution via the integration with Azure AD. Using your Sitefinity Cloud account, you can log in to the Azure Portal to see your website Application Insights. A shortcut to Application Insights is also available on the wiki Welcome page.

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