Sitefinity Cloud provides customers with a Continuous Delivery (CD) setup consisting of completely isolated environments. This way, code changes are first deployed to a non-production environment, where stakeholders verify the project and new functionality is working as expected and will not affect the production website. Once verified, the new functionality can be promoted to the Production environment. Promoting code to Production is made possible while maintaining the public website availability.

Production environment

In the Production environment, content editors are able to author content in an efficient and secure fashion, utilizing the Sitefinity content editing capabilities and content approval workflow. Website visitors can access the public content via the website public URL. The Production environment scales automatically to ensure optimal performance and high availability.

Deploying new functionality to Production is done via preconfigured deployment pipelines available in the Management Portal.

Sitefinity Cloud offers an add-on for an additional Authoring environment for staging and publishing content, fully in line with the best content management practices. The Content Staging lets your authors and editors create and promote meaningful, engaging communication in a consistent, safe, and error-free workflow. With a dedicated environment designed to minimize downtime and give peace of mind, and an automated process for getting new content published, Content Staging is the secure and reliable alternative that leaves editing content on your Production environment firmly in the past.

The deployment pipeline is configured so that any changes deployed to Production are also deployed to Authoring environment. This way, there are no code or DB schema differences between the two environments, which would otherwise interfere with SiteSync operations. 

Non-production environment

Non-production environments can be used by website stakeholders from the customer and partner teams, including business users and technical team members, such as developers and QAs. Such environment is separated from Production and is designated for user acceptance testing (UAT). Unlike Production, which scales automatically, non-production environments consist of only one fixed instance. Sitefinity Cloud comes out-of-the-box with a non-production environment called Staging. You can purchase additional non-production environments as needed.

Deploying new functionality to non-production environments and then to Production is done via preconfigured deployment pipelines available in the Sitefinity Cloud Management Portal.

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