Set up your Cloud account


A Sitefinity Cloud account grants access to the Sitefinity Cloud Management Portal, which is based on Azure DevOps. It also provides access to specific sections of the Azure Management Portal for monitoring, troubleshooting, and access to database backups.

When you set up your tenant space, Sitefinity Cloud provisions you with an account for the main contact of your organization. At any stage in the process, you can add users with this account. These users can be members of your organization, or partner company users that need to work on the project. 

For more information, see User management.

Configure access rights

The Access Repos and Pipelines role grants a user full access to the Management Portal features, including Code repositories, Dashboards, CI/CD Pipelines, and so on. 
For more information, see Management portal

Users in the Access Repos and Pipelines role can also log in to your organization's Azure Portal and view the application insights, logs, and other available information. 

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