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Progress OpenEdge application developers around the world make a difference in how business gets done – but more importantly how we live our lives.

From supplying vaccinations in third-world countries to reducing CO2 emissions, see how you can make a difference as an OpenEdge developer.

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Progress OpenEdge Platform Powers

The #1 US Bank

The world’s #2 car manufacturer

The world’s #1 chemical distribution company

The world’s largest restaurant chain

#1 breakfast cereal manufacturer

Corporate business applications now drive $149.9B of the technology marketplace. Understanding the essence of a powerful business application creates exponential opportunities for new developers. We are here to support your journey.

Progress OpenEdge:
Finding Your Way

Finding your way

The Progress® OpenEdge® Developers Kit: Classroom Edition is a downloadable application development toolkit for the next generation of business application developers.

Students, new developers and future entrepreneurs gain access to a free package of powerful application development tools that are simple to learn and easy to use. We are prepared to help you along the way with comprehensive education tools, information resources, and interaction with OpenEdge experts through Progress Community—our secure, online resource for sharing, learning and networking.  

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Progress is happy to join forces with your college or university. We'll introduce information technology students, like you, to OpenEdge through a customized seminar, product demos, education resources and networking opportunities.

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Learn more about becoming an OpenEdge developer. We'll introduce you to free training and certification opportunities, OpenEdge Advanced Business Language, and more!

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Progress OpenEdge Developers Kit: Classroom Edition

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